Acqua Village Cecina It is a wide area for the water games and large green areas , the water park offers attractions such as: KAMIKAZE , ANACONDA , Surfing – Hill , Hot Waves , Hot Kids , TWISTER , Paradaise Island , to slide , play and relax by the water . water park in Marina di Cecina Cavallino Matto The Cavallino Matto (the crazy horse) located in Marina di Castagneto is the biggest fun park in Tuscany,. Inside the park there are a large number of attractions of which a boat trip equipped with water cannons called “La Baia dei Bucanieri”, 1 3D cinema, a wild mouse, a trip on wooden logs, all capable of satisfying the family on holiday along the Tuscany coast and for those who want to spend an afternoon of amusement and enjoyment. There is also a restaurant, bar, self service, pizza restaurant and picnic areas. 

Wildlife Park Gallorose It is a Wildlife Park with over 180 species of exotic and native animals as well as 14.000 varieties of plants and flowers. It also works as a farm , family owned since 1770. It includes a restaurant , self service, tables for picnics , bar , children’s play area ..